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No Smoking Day
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This is for lizzy

A new story,

In the summer, as you know my lovely trampoline ( bottom of the garden) had the most precious gift of all on it ( my grandson who is six today) and while going yippee, we’ll done, fantastic and at this point any other encouraging word I can think of, just so I don’t have to go on again, a giant walked in the back gate, with another even bigger giant next to him, now as I look at said giants, all I can think is get near the shed, because I know there is a huge spade in there to bat the giants with, now grandsons bouncing away ( I’ve taught him to tell me what’s happening in the neighbours ) he shouts she’s got her dyson out again Nannie, I didn’t answer as was walking backwards to get my spade and bat them, I,m nearly there (grandson shouts she’s got a purple dyson, I couldn’t breath, and then the first giant says, in a rather northern tone, av ya got key lov, sorry av ya got key lov, ya said ya would leave it under blue bin, sorry I said, giant says is this number 11, in my rather posh voice, I keep for special occasions, I had great delight in saying no, this is no 1.

Note to self keep the gate locked

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you certainly no 1,posh voice,as good as me in a dress 😁

has your neighbour still got plastic grass.

why giants ,would love to see

giants 😁

was there a metal shed ❓

its a while since we had a update on neighbourhood 😁

we look forward to next comments 😁

take care 😁


They were giants, I’m 5ft they were around 6ft and 6 ft wide, yes plastic grass still gets hoovered

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with the Dyson 😁


:D :D :D



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