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6 Full Months...

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LeesaD2 Years Smoke Free

I havent been on here in a long while just because of keeping myself busy. 6 months today i am smoke free. Still vaping but not as much and will get off the vape in the new year now hopefully.

Feel great. Love how i can say no thanks i dont smoke. And seeing a young woman standing outside in the pouring rain the other day just for a smoke made me even more thankful.

And to Roisin and everyone on here who are brilliant supporters and thr nicest people ever. Thanks to you all.

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Ah LeesaD so good to hear from you - I am proud of you and know how hard you have fought for this over the last 6 months, hope you have a nice treat lined up for yourself - wishing you a very happy and healthy smoke free Christmas (your first of many!!)

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laura61 Year Smoke Free

6 months amazing. You have done the hard work. As you say you can tackle the vaping after xmas

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