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Checking In

Hey y'all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I just wanted to check in because it seems like forever since I've been on this site. 5 months is coming up in a few weeks and although I am feeling better (most days) I have noticed that when I am not at the gym for a few days, I feel like poop. The gym gives me energy so of course I stay pretty tired 99 percent of the time. That iron/metal taste in my mouth is so yucky and my sense of smell has heightened even more. My teeth feel itchy (if that makes sense) and I have always practiced good dental hygiene.

I have been a bit angry here and there, but it's not as bad as when I first quit, thank goodness. I can sit around my smoker family and not want a smoke which is nice. I won't lie, I do sometimes enjoy the smell, but to actually smoke, no. I notice the behavior smokers have now. They smoke, and after 5 minutes of smoking they cough. I'm so glad I don't cough anymore. That was so unattractive to me. People tell me I smell good and it's great. People stink like super bad after they smoke (smells like burning metal) and I have to hold my breath around them.

Anyway, I quit drinking soda around 10 days ago so I wake up with headaches, but it's no different than when I quit smoking or before I quit as I have a history of headaches/migraines. I'm trying to readapt my body to good things. It is hard to do, but little by little I am accomplishing it. Just wish I wasn't so tired.

Thanks for letting me jabber on. God Bless! :)

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Good to hear from you Sheena and that things are improving a bit... I am not sure about the metal taste - as advised previously, did you go to your dentist for a check up, gum disease and decay problems are a very common complaint after we stop smoking as it masks so many things smoking, also any luck with getting some herbal/vitamin supplements to help with the tiredness, anger etc?

Taking some time out for yourself could help too if possible (you have young kids I think and may be difficult), even just an hour a day for you time....


hi SheenaL

you done good 😁

headaches 😒 i know that problem 😒

I have metal taste and always tired but I know its my thyroid.

maybe worth a check up.

take care 😊

keep kicking 😁


Could be worth looking into SheenaL or checked out for...excellent point raised there Hidden


Thanks! One of these days I'll make it to the doc. I did recently start taking B-12 Complex droplets due to my tiredness every day and it has worked a bit so far. My headaches are still blaring but I quit drinking soda, caffeine and trying to cut out any sugar over 16 days ago too so that will bring its own headaches. Glad I'm over that rough patch too. Thank you all for your suggestions and replies.

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