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Hello my fellow quitters... er winners :) just stopping by to say hello. Let's see this is day 4, no day 5 and all is well. Having a busy week at work so sorry I have missed some of your posts.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying committed to your plan. Life is good, no real struggles. Just making the choice each morning to do one more day. ;)

See you on the other side of a new week! Take care and talk soon...


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  • Hey.......I am back and determined again......I had weakened and succumbed but now I am mentally strong again......though I know I will need help on the we go again.....

  • Thanks to all of you for stopping by lol.

    Ramasus I can't tell you how happy I am to see you back!!!! :D

    There are some really nice new folks here who I am sure will love to welcome you as well.

    .......Now we can begin to get this party started Whoo Hoo, been a bit like a monestary around here as of late!!



  • Good on you Sherri, take each new day slowly and you will get there.:)

  • Doodlebug YUCK!! TMI lol.

    Teehee sorry, hope you feel better soon, geez some folks will go to any lengths not to smoke :D

    Hi Jane,

    I am glad to hear from you :) yes, feeling really good about everything at present. Big test will be the weekend, that's always when my swan dive occurs. Having said that I have armed myself with a plan of non stop things to do leaving not much free time for daydreaming about the glamourous smoking life haha!!!

    Talk soon!!


  • Hi Sherri,

    A plan of non stop things to do sounds like a plan:D. At least you aware of the problems at weekends, I know you can get through it, is it when you drink?

    Take care x

  • Hi Sherri,

    Day 4 for me to and also making the right decision not to smoke every morning :)

    So far so good and looking forward to a healthy happy weekend.

    Take care.


  • Hi Jane,

    One of the things I have learned is that I am not an associative smoker ie. coffee and a smoke, dinner and a smoke, drive and smoke etc. ~ I am an anytime, anywhere for any reason smoker and associate it most with relaxation so drinking isn't an issue for me. Thank god, I would hate to have to teetotal as well ugh!! :eek:

    Hi Jonny so glad to hear that you are getting on well.

    One of the times that "was" a problem for me was in the mornings before work. What I have done is set the alarm for 25 minutes later so I don't have time to contemplate it just enough time to get ready and then off to work. It may work for you as well if that time is causing you difficulty.... ;)

  • Sounds like I'm the opposite to you Sherri,

    Mornings no problem but drinking was always a problem as was after a good meal.

    I'm nervous for the weekend as I'm more relaxed and that creates an urge in itself.....such a complex little monster isn't it!

    Anyway I have an e-cig and some very good intentions so I will beat this little s**t.

    You sound like you have it all under control to me so should be a walk in the park :cool:

  • Hi Jonny, since you mentioned the e-cig... if you wouldn't mind, I would like to relay to you my experience with that.

    When I originally quit back on 1/1/13, I was using the e-cig and what I found was it became somewhat of a trap for me because the E-cig still allows you the physical action of smoking, so the look, hand hold, feel of, dragging on etc is a habit the e-cig is allowing you to hold on to which I believe is what a lot of smokers miss. You know, that something in your hand the motion of drawing on a cigarette etc. ...... it was all bad for me. I found I began to cling to puffing on that thing relentlessly telling myself that it was better than all the toxins and tar etc. and the very worst part was I still felt like I was smoking, sort of.... like a little cheat on myself if that makes sense.

    This is just my opinion, and I am not suggesting you should change anything you are doing. Just wanted to share my take on the E-cig. I am obviously not a fan. :(

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