No Smoking Day
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checking in for day 4


I had a good evening last night. I went to the gym and it really helps being in a place where no one is smoking.

I managed to keep my mind off smoking almost all evening.

I overslept this morning and I am feeling tired again. Wonder when I will start feeling 'normal' in the sense of the sleepiness.

I lay awake for about half an hour last night. It happened the night before too, I just couldnt switch off.

So day 4, bring it on!


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Hi Princess, the tiredness thing is a bit weird, as I didn't use NRT I was sooo dopey for the first couple of weeks, then the caffeine kicked in big time and I had trouble sleeping. Exercise is brill as it gets the endorphin's going and your should settle down reasonably quickly, just remember, it's all worth it ;)


Hi Princess,

Its all part and process of the quit and your body adjusting. I too had exactly the same thing. Took ages getting off to sleep, sometimes hours and then exhausted all next day. Agree Gym is the best place. If you have steam room there (If there is a pool of course) I use to sit in there as long as I could bear it, help clear the lungs out.

Keep Going you are doing well.


Thanks guys

nope our gym doesnt have a swimming pool/sauna.

on day 1 when i had an uncontrollably bad crave, I had a shower until the crave passed because i know theres no possible way I could spark up in there :D

Another crave I brushed my teeth, another way I knew I wouldnt spark up :D


Thanks Max414 :D

Ive survived another working day. Im going to watch a film tonight at my boyfriends house, which is a non smoking place.

I am going to try my best this week to spend evenings in non smoking places, I dont want any temptations. Staying focused ;)

Have a nice evening all, Ill be back on tomorrow to report day 5 :)


Could it be that all that exercise at the gym contributed to your inability to drop off and the subsequent oversleeping, Princess? It's just a thought! :)

Having said that though, it takes our poor old bodies time to adjust to being nicotine-free; they are so used to us having poisoned them for years that they tend to go a bit haywire!



You are doing very very well, try and not over do it seeing as you are tired, get to bed early and go places where it is forbidden to smoke, like the gym, the cinema, you can watch a good movie now and not be waiting for it to end so you can go and smoke.


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