Checking in - Still here!

Hi everyone. Just logged in for a quick catch up and I'm pleased to see that some familiar names are still here. I passed the ten month mark at the end of March. Quite shocked I made it actually! Most days are easy, don't really crave. Sometimes I think stuff like 'I will just wash up then I'll have a quick fag', before thinking 'Oh, I don't smoke'. It's like I forget briefly. I am fine drinking now but a little edgy if I am on a night out with just smokers - which happened last Saturday so I left early.

I had my car MOT'd last week and lots needed doing. Pretty sure the mechanic was a smoker! Not smoking in my car, obviously, but I could smell stale fags, yuck!

Warmer weather coming up which I'm looking forward to, last year I wouldn't sit out in the sun because I associated that with smoking, I'm hoping that won't be a problem any more. :):D

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  • It's nice to hear from someone further on in their quit it's very encouraging for us newer quitters. You'll be in the penthouse soon

  • Welcome back. I reach day 200 in 7 days and agree that you can't afford to be complacent.You are on the home straight now.

  • Thanks Spanisheyes and well done Graham, 200 days is great going. I just had a quick count up as haven't been keeping track and I'm on day 313 today, it goes so fast! :)

  • Wow how fantastic all the hard work paying off, I can see the twinkle of the pent house waiting for you.

    I,m cheering you home all the way, well done

  • Hi Nicky39! Congratulations on 10 months!!! I forgot how the change in seasons can affect a person's quit- I was on my guard my entire first year and I'm still afraid to drink after a year and a half almost!!! I am sometimes caught off guard (and then pretty proud of myself) when situations come up that I used to respond to by smoking and now I don't even think about it until well afterward or when I see someone else do it- so for all newbies who might read this just know that it's true that it does get better as time goes on!!! See you soon in the penthouse!!

  • Great job Nicky! The smell of stale fags is truly bothering, I think we could smell it as smokers as well, but it wasn't so intense! Yuck indeed!

    I can smell fresh or stale fags on a mile now though, I feel like a smoke detector! I bet it's same with you ;)

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