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No Smoking Day
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Checking in :)

I haven't posted here for a while as family life has taken me over but things are beginning to settle a little now :) At least enough for me to post every now and again!

Little did I know when I started my quit on the 5th January that I would have so many obstacles thrown in my way, triggers of stress giving rise to temptation! Well I got through them and I think (fingers crossed) I am now coming out the other side.

If you had asked me this time last year would I be able to quit for one day never mind nearly completing 6 months I think I would have laughed. But a frightening chest infection later and I am here :)

I hope all you lovely people are doing well with your quits. There are so many posts since I last was on properly that I don't think I shall catch up with them very quickly.

Roll on 5th of July and the start of month 7!

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I thought you were still about Lindy as I have seen you occasionally posting in the social groups but it's SO good to see you back on the main forum. Your posts have always been inspirational and the fact that you have held onto your quit despite some pretty horrendous things being dropped on you from various heights is phenomenal I think.

6 months under your belt is the most wonderful achievement Lindy, and it's truly lovely to have your company in the Penthouse waiting room. I'm plumping you up a cushion as we speak and have put the kettle on. Well done my darling! :):)


I'm so happy that you have managed to stay quit through these difficult times. You are obviously a very strong person!!! Congratulations - I look forward to welcoming you to the penthouse.

Sarah x


Hey Linda

Good to see you're still quit though I sort of knew it anyway. I can't believe we're nearly at 6 months. Stupendous.


You are an inspiration to us all Linda -It's lovely to hear how positive you are despite all the crud that has come your way. xxx


Thanks so much for all your kind words. You have all been my inspiration too. Out of sight but never out of mind :)

I have managed to reconcile with myself that lighting up the dreaded cig isn't going to take my problems away, infact tomorrow I will feel worse! 4 days until I hit into month 7, I could never go back now.

The good news is things are on the up and we have sunshine in Scotland (doesn't happen often lol). What could be better?

I hope you are all feeling good in the sunshine and making the most of the nice weather.

I will post some kitty photos soon, promise :) x


Great to see you here again Linda :)


You too Steve :)


Lindylou....look at you:D

6 mth done and dusted,what an inspiration you are to everyone:D

Congratulations x


Isn't it amazing 6 months plus.

The penthouse awaits you, with lovely lighting, and bunting.

A massive congratulations from me, wow into second half of the year, going strong.



Lindy, the Penthouse Waitingroom is a very nice place to be and I think you will enjoy it here. We've saved you a pew and there's a bottle of prosecco on ice behind the bar. :)

You're such an inspiration you know. You're going to have quite a reception committe when you romp home to the Penthouse in 6 months time. :D

How are you doing in the sleep department these days by the way?


Aww thanks, I cant wait to reach the penthouse :) You guys are all ace with the support you give.

My sleeping is a bit more regular right now as I am on my antihistamine tablets for my hay fever. Its the same every year from May to September and I find if I take them at night I get a good 6 hours sleep LOL :) Okay the problem isn't solved but its a definite relief for now and I am functioning really well.

So no itchy eyes or skin, no runny nose and sleep as a bonus, what more can a girl ask for :D


Missed your last visit. Good to see you're still going strong.:D


Thanks Sue :D

Hope all is well in your world. I try to keep up with the posts but admit I am well out of date now.


My world is improving.:)

I wouldn't worry about keeping up with everything I'm on here quite regularly but still manage to miss big anniversaries etc.

I will not be missing you making the penthouse though!!!


So glad you're sleeping better Lindy. :)

And I suggest we throw one hell of a party when you hit the Penthouse. That'll take a bit of sleeping off I can tell you!! :D


Hahaha love it :D

Glad your world is improving too Sue :)


Lindy my friend! How lovely to see you posting, so glad to read you are finally sleeping a bit better xxxx


Hey Donna :D

Antihistamines are a wonderful thing lol! Good to see you to! Hope you are well? :)


Yes very well thank you, still trying to find my forever quit but I will get there, I haven't smoked for far longer than I have smoked this year :) you see doing amazingly at 6 months, really good going xx


Having fallen by the way side, it is wonderful to see my quit buddy lighting up the path to the penthouse and showing me that it can be done, so lovely to see you at 6 months Linda. Really happy for you, huge congratulations, you star :)




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