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No Smoking Day
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Bad day

Could kick myself for giving in. Bad day with client- extremely bad and then while visiting at hospital with client being so difficult had call from clinic to say that my op is postponed for a week. Got emotional and daughter of client arrived as client was supposed to be moved to rehab bed and that was also being delayed.

Bad day all round. Not happy bunny..

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Posted in your other reply also CiggieStardust - the right mindset is key in our success and you appear not to be there yet and stumbled at the biggest trap of giving in by having alcohol so early on in your quit.

We wish you a speedy and full recovery from operation next week and will be here for you when you begin your journey - never give up trying to stop :)


From your post last night CiggieStardust - agree with Roisin that you are not in the right head space with all that is going on with you and you committed the cardinal sin of drinking 2 bottles of wine, always a bad idea especially with only into the 2nd day of your quit.

Hope to see you back here very soon....best wishes for the operation too :)


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