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Well today is my 11th day smoke free! I am actually feeling pretty proud and content.. but this is not what my post is really about.. my day 9 my youngest daughter decided to follow me WOOT... day 10 my boyfriend has decided to follow me, there is nothing quite so fulfilling as to see something sprout all because you were the first one to take that very scary step.. and now I can also be a support here in my home to the ones I hold so close to my heart :) now I just have to work on my son and my post may be full of balloons and party! I am actually pretty happy about my progress and will keep on being smoke free! why? because I finally want to be :D

Annette <------------- happy camper :D

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  • I'm really pleased for you, congratulations are definitely in order, its amazing how one person quitting smoking can actually impact on those around us, not in a bad way but in a really good way, I found that some of my friends also decided to quit, not immediately but after about 6 months, they all said at the time I wouldn't stay quit, but guess what I did and by the sounds of it so will you.

    Its not just about quitting in my eyes its about your choices, you want to quit so that's what makes it more of a certainty that you will stay an X smoker, if people are pressured into quitting then I always think they will revert back, they want be happy because they will realise how good they felt, but hopefully they will do it for the right reason's next time.

    You stay strong and its great that your family have you there keeping up the pace, make sure you have Lot's of healthy snacks to fend off Mr Nicodemon, he's really good at sneaking up on you, so long as you have some gone defense weapons about you will be fine.

    I found fresh orange juice was great to sip, it seemed to curb my desires.

    Also try not to focus too much on your weight at this stage but just be aware its easy to pile on the pudding, its not smoking that keeps you slim its the fact you eat less as a smoker and your body needs to adjust.

  • What a great post to read Annette, well done on leading by example, I followed my hubbie after a year and a half after he quit - only wish my family would follow me, Mam, brothers and sisters all are heavy smokers and it breaks my heart to see them slowly killing themselves, hopefully one day soon they see the light :(

  • Well done Annette, sadly Roisin my family are the same, as you say, hopefully one day soon!

  • I believe in my heart that only that person can change there lives... I spent so many torturing hours on countless days trying to quit to make everyone but me happy... It pains me that my son still smokes but I wont be that mother OR person who makes them feel less then a person that I dont smoke and they do... I will love as I have always loved and show no difference in how I feel but secretly I feel the same way you do :)

    thank you


  • Ah yeah, I don't say a word to them about quitting other than when they have a horrendous cough or another chest infection, I do subtly say, 'time to give those smokes!' Needless to say, it goes in one ear and out the other, I was the same myself - all in the past now!!

  • Way yo go.

    You are a Leader!

  • we all need to be here :D

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