Zyban - Just a thought

Zyban - Just a thought

I took Zyban once in an attempt to give up smoking and at the same time I was taking something else for a fungal infection on my feet (I trained a lot so I probably caught it from the changing rooms). Anyway - it was a lovely hot summer so I went sunbathing one day and that night I developed hives and blew up like Michelin man. I spent a night and a day in casualty being wheeled around in a wheelchair. The thing is one of those drugs made my skin sensitive to UV so I wasn't supposed to sunbathe. The warning was in very small print so I missed it. I can't remember which drug was the offender so if you're using Zyban read the blurb just in case you want to laze around on a beach for a while and you shouldn't. My feet are fine now by the way. I took something else (what was it called?...) and it cleared up in 6 months. Aren't docs great! :)

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  • Sounds like you got off lightly bobb. According to this article it has a multitude of serious effects, including the desire to kill your own children. It's the Daily Mail as well so it must be true.


  • I would read it but I have ad blockers so the Mail site doesn't work. In the hospital a Philippino nurse who could not speak English brought a TV over to my bed when I wanted painkillers. She was nice. I watched Newsnight and, mercifully, it sent me straight to sleep...

  • Wow, when I took zynan I also blew up like the Michelen man!! I was advised it was probably from the drug. It was a horribly painful process that lasted what seemed a life time. I stopped taking it earlier that I should have but happy to say that I am still smoke free almost 13 months later. These drugs are scary!

  • Someone is making a fortune out of turning people into balloons! Well done on 13 months. :)

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