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Silly dreams

Okay so I usually just post silly stuff (not silly to me) on here, but I have also read that people who take NRT's have crazy dreams. I don't take NRT's since I was 2 weeks smoke free and I have been dreaming crazy stuff every night. I wish I could just remember them all when I wake up. Haha! I was wondering if anyone else dreamed a lot in the beginning stages of recovery?

I also have been having headaches out the wazoo. I wake up and, like this morning, I felt hungover and I don't even drink. Mind you I had a long, eventful weekend, but still. I also wake up in the mornings feeling sweaty. Must be withdrawals I guess. I drink tons of water so I stay hydrated.

I still get angry, and I eat like I'm pregnant. It's crazy how I don't crave a cigarette through all of this. It's God erased it from my memory. Hope it sticks :) I feel like I'm going through the motions and like I'm not in my own body at times. These things are minor annoyances, but just that.. annoying. I stay sleepy unlike my first week smoke free when I was so energetic.

I know things will get better soon, but I would love to know when. Haha!

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Sheena...I think that is why we call it a roller coaster ride.....That first few monthts there is so many ups and downs, moods, feelings, emotions, dreams... The one day you feel ready to take over the world and the next you are like a detuned radio... I dont know if it is normal but I experieced that first class...!! That typical Ireland weather (Four seasons in one day)

Sorry Ireland...!!!

The "when" also happens almost unnoticed...It is like wine, some take more time to mature ! but at the end that matured wines tastes all good...!!

Again patience is the word...(I also wished for that fast forward button) and glad I never found it because then I would not mature the way it should be...Remeber that little creeck did not became the Grand Canyon overnight...!!




Hey SheenaL - yeah, the weird dreams, moods, increased appetite etc is all perfectly normal which was shared in your post below - knowledge is key so read up as much as you can on the effects on quitting (link to pinned posts on helpful tips in my reply below).

As Hercu advised, patience is vital and everyone's quit is different on when they get over the withdrawals, take it day by day, as they pass the stronger you will become. I know its frustrating as when we quit (myself included) I thought I would feel 100% immediately but it doesn't work that way as the body and mind is re-wiring, repairing and recovering, but the remarkable thing is, it does recover thankfully.

You are doing great and nearly at your huge milestone of 1 month :)

PS You most definitely don't post silly stuff but rather good honest struggles and questions which is what the community is all about so thank you as this is so important and helpful to other members.....

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All the time and they were the most vivid dreams.. some mornings I'd wake up and be like what the hell!!!?! Others I'd wake up crying or laughing and then there was the sex dreams 😍😝let's not get into those lol

But you know what I embraced them all.. figured it was my mind trying to trick me back into nicotine 😂 So laugh at the funny crazy and hot ones and sigh and move on from the sad ones 😊But keep going

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