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Day 9

After a price hike and my habit increasing to 20 a day enough was enough! 9 days ago I decided to head to work smoke free and I've not looked back since! Overall I feel better no more chesty wheezy cough, no more SMELLY hair, clothes etc a lot more energy and the cravings are tailing a bit (2/3 today)! A small blip on Friday eve left me more determined to be smoke free as the taste of the puff made me heave and my hair and jacket stunk 😬! Fags 0 - me 1

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Emma...Welcome and well done on 9 days... Excellent!!....To avoid blips you must take the NOPE pledge (Not One Puff Ever)...That on puff is enough to set you back time after time and make the journey a gruling one...!

Stay strong and keep us posted on your wonderfull new smoke free...(Money in the wallet) life...!!


Well done being at day 10 will it be now? It's a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself and you will never regret it at all. Even if you think you do, it's just addiction trying to trick you!!

You got this and as Hercu said, stick with the not one more puff ever. It's the best decision you will ever make!!

Well done!!! Stick close for support as this really is a great place 😊


Welcome Emmaleo, congratulations on making the best decision of your life to quit - can you confirm your quit date as you smoked on Friday so that would not make you 9 days quit?

It is great you are staying with your quit but you have to be strict with yourself if you have a slip as it will make easier on Mr Nico to convince you to have another 'puff' if you don't restart your quit - it has happened so many members here that did not restart their quit journeys and kept having that 'one' and were reeled back in and no longer with us here on the community.


Well done on what must be 11 days now! Brill and loved ur post. stay strong and keep going x


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