The Acid Test!

I just went through the acid test. I was watching the Love Manchester concert and blubbing away as everyone did when I heard a bang from outside. I went to have a look and found that a drunk driver had just wiped out my car. I checked the driver was OK and called emergency services and looked at my car which was crumpled up like a concertina. Upshot is the car is a write off, I can't afford a new one and yet I have not had a single cigarette. So we can get through bad things without a puff. I dug out my bicycle and pumped up the back tyre and now I am ready to go. I miss my car though.

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  • Hey Bobb, sorry about your car but glad nobody was hurt, but wow, huge well done on not smoking during a very stressful time! That is one thing I found in my 20 months quit is that I deal with stress far better and a lot more calmer smoke free.....!

    Every cloud too, now you will get fit cycling :)

  • Bobb...Sorry for the car but well done on the positive action there after...Just to confirm my statement that cigarettes gives us a false piece of mind......We can do things on our own like handling stress...!! Keep up the cycling and is dual benneficery....... you keep fit and get to point B...!!!!

  • Wow!!!!! That's one hell of an acid test!!! So sorry to hear about your car!!! Hope insurance can help maybe..?

    Brilliant news though that you got through without a cigarette!!! They are NOT the cure all we may have once believed eh!!

    All the best, and well, your bike sounds like a great choice... divine intervention perhaps...? 😊

  • A tough test right enough. :)

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