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Weekend Test!

Hi All,

So impressed to see you are all doing so well :)

I'm checking in for a few tips if I may? I'm about to embark on my 2nd weekend but this one is a bit different as I have a 200 mile car journey alone tomorrow and a night alone in a hotel on Sat night with nothing but my thoughts and match of the day to keep me company. (could I sound more sad!)

This journey is a regular occurrence for me and I'm used to smoking more to relieve the boredom so you see my predicament. This weekend is definitely one of my triggers but I feel if I can get through it I will nail this demon for good!

Incredibly I have never smoked in my car but the stop at the services will be torture and its this I'm most scared of as I would usually smoke a couple.

Any tips or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thanks for being there.


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Right, here's some things you might try.

one of those squeezy stress balls

chewing gum

a really good book/ crossword puzzles/ handheld games console or something that will keep you occupied. That's for the rest stops.

When you get there:

Find something to do other than match of the day? Go out and see a film or something else in the local area - breaking the routine helps, if you have massive associations with something.

I know you're not a girl, but a bit of a pamper session is a really good way to unwind if you're gnashing your teeth. Have a really long bath/shower at the hotel, wash your hair, trim your nails, get some manly moisturiser, treat yourself to some nice shaving balms etc and give yourself a steam and a really good shave... it helps you feel better in yourself, relaxes you, and keeps you busy.

Log on here if the hotel has internet access! We'll talk you down :)

You can do this. Break those associations. Pick em up and SMASH 'EM!!

Safe journey,



Thanks Helen,

I really appreciate your support and ideas.

You have made me feel so much better already :D

The games console is a great idea so I think I will nick my sons PSP!

The hotel does have WIFI and I didn't think of that so thanks again :)

I also have a lot of activity during the day so hopefully I will just grab an early night as now I'm thinking staying up late would be best avoided.

Again thanks for your help and let the association smash begin!


Hi Johnny.

Cant add to HB advice except.......just keep telling yourself you dont smoke any more and this weekend is just another hurdle to take.:D


Thanks Carolrose,

You are soooo right !!

I'm by the sea as well so hopefully the fresh air will be good now I can smell :D


Good Luck Jonny,

My worst fear was yesterday...a 6 hour drive and i do normally smoke a lot in the car I ate celery which i despise every time i wanted a ciggie...

I still don't like celery but i didn't smoke.

at least with wifi you can check in here for some help


Thanks Dazza, I've got to ask why celery if you hate it? I take my hat off to you for staying strong though - whatever it takes eh...

I've got an inhalator and some lozenges and will take your example as inspiration! Thanks again mate.



celery seemingly so very good for you low calorie and fat, helps dilate the blood vessels and so on.

so really it's dual purpose off the fags, I feel like eating for Scotland, eat celery instead on chocolate and crisps, improve my health and increase the amount of veg I eat..... and maybe get to like it on the way.

good luck for today


Jonny, Helsbelles may be a respected member of this forum and full of the best advice you'll hear, but replacing Match Of The Day????? Why deprive yourself of one of the gifts of all television, indeed the Arts as a medium? :D

Seriously, hope all's OK with you and log on here, someone will be about; I'll try to ensure I check myself, to see if you're posting ;)


Bless her heart, she is so supportive and has so many great tips but.......... you cant miss match of the day cos City beat WBA with only 10 men and it was a must see by all accounts a credit to the premier league! :D

You will be fine, you cant smoke in hotel rooms anyway so that should help if you watch it in your room.


Haha, if the footie is that important to you, then watch it by all means. I did just mean, try and break the routine, don't stay in the hotel all evening if it makes you twitchy.

Hope you're doing OK!



Thanks Guys,

Really enjoyed your comments and rest assured I agree the mighty MOTD can not be ignored :D

I'm so pleased to announce I DID IT!

I genuinely thought I would fail this weekend. I think I was 50/50 at best but discovered that the inner resolve can be stronger then you think.I can't tell you how relieved I am and of course didn't want to let down my fellow quitters on here :)

Anyone out there who is nervous of a trigger situation as I was don't be! You can do this and find so many positives in living that familiar situation as a non smoker!

Massive thanks to all who commented as every post was so helpful.

See you soon as I am off to week 3!!!!


Well done jonny,

Glad you made in through the weekend, onwards and upwards.


Yay well done i knew you would do it from reading your first post well that trigger has well and truely been beaten to a pulp and rightly so. Well done I am proud of you



whoop whoop!!!

Well done you!

You've made it sound most easy, pat on the back, be prouuuud!

Yayyyy! :D :D


I knew you'd do it! Nice one. Onwards and upwards!




Well done in overcoming a week-end that was going to be a trigger for you.

As Helen says onwards and upwards now - week 3!

Fi x


Well done. It's all about breaking down the triggers one by one, and you've just smashed a big one. It gets easier from here :D


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