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How is everyone doing?

It has been a while! How is everyone? I hope everyone is staying strong during their quit. it gets easier as the days go by. Take it one day at a time and everything will be ok. Go for a walk or a jog or pick up a hobby. Do something you never thought you would do. Enjoy life without the burden of needing a cigarette. Do this for yourself. You owe your body a healthy lifestyle. It has been over a year and a half since I quit and I cannot explain how much better I feel. I know the pain of quitting (especially if you're a few days or weeks in) is tough but you have to be just a little bit tougher. Fight the urge and the pain and I promise the reward will be worth it.


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Nice Reggie..very well done !!!

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Hey Reggie, great to read an update from you, doing grand although still recovering from the Guns n Roses epic concert here in Ireland at the weekend.

Very motivational post for our newbies that I hope read :)

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Thanks Reggie,

I'm on 12 days of sweet, clean air with the help of Champix. I'm irritable, having issues with sleep (weird dreams, regularly waking up) and finding it hard to concentrate. However, this forum and posts like yours help greatly. Thank you.

Each day a NOPE day!

All the best,


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