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No Smoking Day
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Merry Christmas everyone!!

This will be my first smoke-free Christmas in 48 years. I didn't ever think I could quit but 9 months on I am so glad I did.

For anyone early on or just starting their quit.....hang in there, you CAN do it! Stay focused, take it one hour, one day at a time. With each day you'll become stronger, until there comes a time when you won't even think about smoking anymore. And that freedom amazing!!!

Merry Christmas everyone, peace and joy to you all.

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Merry xmas. Enjoy your first smoke free xmas. Thanks for the positive words us newbies need to hear. It does get easier. X


Thank you laura6, and a huge well done to you on your month-free victory!! Here's to our rocking 2018 smoke-free!!

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Ah Taurean, got a lump in my throat reading this post, what an amazing achievement after 48 years, congratulations and have a great smoke free Christmas and thanks for sharing such a positive post :)

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You're welcome Roisin. And thank you for the Christmas adverts and songs you posted, loved them all.

Went to see The Nutcraker yesterday, and it was absolutely magical. It also dawned on me that I was sitting in a packed concert hall for 3+ hours and I didn't have to worry about a hacking cough. Nor did I need to run outside during the interval for a fix, and then have to slink back to my seat reeking of smoke. Here's to Freedom!!!

Christmas wishes xxxxx


taurean7 .

hope you have a happy day 😁

have fun 😁

take care 😁

keep kicking 😎

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Taurean congratulation for such great achievement .Its also my first smoke free Christmas and on the 28 of September will be 6 months without smoking !!!

🎄Happy merry Christmas


Well done On 9 months Taureen and hope your Christmas was great. Very well done ! I hope you treat yourself. Thats a big day. My first smokefree in 35 years. Am 6 months behind you. Any advice ?


Exmo, Karina123... Thanks for replies, and huge well done to you both, you've got this!

I think determination to keep all that we have gained back is key. It's too hard won to give it up, and I don't ever want to go back there!

Happy New Year everyone and here's to 2018 smoke-free,


2018 Smokefree...yeah!


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