I didn't cave!!

Hello all, hope this finds you well :)

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for support yesterday as it felt like one of the worst days yet for cravings. I missed my son instantly he left and all day and into the night I REALLY wanted a cigarette!

I drank far too much with my friend last night and as she smoked i sucked the sh*t out of my e cig! So so hard not to call for cigarettes on the way home!! But thanks to this place, and my apparent cast iron will (or simply taurean stubbornness!), I didn't!!! Wow!

The feeling lingers today but it's strength is diminished as you rightly said Roisin!! I really really don't want to smoke. I can't imagine doing this again! It's flipping hard!!!!

Have a great day all, and especially Roisin, will be thinking of you at the concert being tested today! You can get through.

Thanks again 😊

4 Replies

  • yey go you !!! ✊💪 well done hunni stay strong xx

  • Thanks so much beautiful x couldn't imagine doing this without you all!! X

  • Jo...Three days later but congratulations on your strenght partying with a smoking friend, have a good time, getting wasted and still keep your cool not to smoke....That takes a good amount of willpower..Well done Jo !!!

  • Thanks so much Hercu!! It's been a really difficult week! Thought about smoking so much!! I've refurbished and redecorated my sons room whilst he's away... never done anything like that while off the cigs!

    Hope all is well with you xx

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