New research - Now 51 days to break a habit?

New research - Now 51 days to break a habit?

Morning all

I came across this article this morning - interesting read on other time periods for different things too. Funnily enough, at the beginning of my quit, I read numerous times it took 21 days to break a habit and did think it was a short period of time as think it was around the 2 month mark before the habit was gone for me but suppose everyone is different.....

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  • That's interesting to read cause for me it was and is still hard. A lot easier by far now but holy crap it's been a struggle. I think I stop waking up craving by the end of my 2month. My job is so stressful like a lot of people and where I work smoking is so easy so it's a challenge everyday and in my face 16 hours out of my day. I agree with that article cause when I quit came on the pounds and exercised but by myself no motivation and too busy for gym so gave up that.

  • You are doing great Hollyu - I promise it will get better, patience is vital in our quit journeys, keep up the strength and fight :)

  • Good Article Roisin.

  • Thanks mikeybkk4406 , just re-assigned your milestone badge there, 09 December was your quit date?

  • Yes 9th of December was my quit date. Thanks

  • That was a really interesting article. If only it took 51 days to form a habit.

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