Hello old and new friends

Hello old and new friends

Just stopping by to give support to those that are early in their battle of kicking those cigs butts! This site was - is a great help, I was here a lot in my battle. You can do it, do whatever it takes, drop down and do push ups, jumping jacks, go walk, cold shower, shine your shoes, clean a closet, you get the picture stay busy, keep hands busy

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  • hi USNx

    Not sure when you were here.

    name rings a bell 😁

    we had a Angry Bear here a few days ago.he was from past just pooping his head in.

    its good you come back and let us know its all good

    take care 😊

  • Amen...!!!!

  • Yes! :)

  • Ah great to read an update from you USNx , you are just a couple of days behind me, we will 2 years in September, its mad, seems no time since we hit the 1 year mark :O

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