Hello everyone👏

Hi guys, so sorry I haven't been updating you on my journey recently, but that is simply because it is going so well I actually forget! I am 27 days smoke free, and I feel great! I really do think that my vape and change of mind has gotten me this far. I would be lying if I don't still get cravings now and again, but they are so little! But every time I think I want a cigarette I simply ask myself, what will it do for me? Why do I want one? How will it help me? Do I need it? And the answer to all those questions are no!! I'm going on holiday today with my family, so I might not be posting. I hope you are all doing well! Talk soon👏💪

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  • That's awesome ! I do the same thing when i get a craving. I think to myself, Is it going to make my situation better? Ummm no! 😉 im 43 days into my journey and i am not throwing that way!

    Good job, and have a great holiday!

  • Yes well done! And thank you very much! 👏👏

  • Well done Laura, great mindset, you are doing so well :) I have your 1 month badge ready and waiting for ya!!

  • Thank you!!👏😛

  • Congratulations!

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