No Smoking Day
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Day 82

And I'm doing ok.. hardly think of having a smoke and then sometimes I do so I distract myself (like I am now lol brain you don't want/need one 😀)

I had a few health issues and have to say since I quit I've not had to take as much medication!

I put on nearly 2 stone but in my opinion it was so worth it 😊 I'm enjoying exercising now that I can breathe

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hi Louiseb17

why ask that question ❓

you are doing fantastic 😁

you are possative 😁 your well on your way 😁

so,well done 😊

take care 😊

keep kicking 😁


Great to read such a positive post Louiseb17 , you certainly are doing ok, in fact, you are doing brilliant, worry about the weight gain later on and continue to do the exercising, delighted you are doing so well :)


No, you are not doing OK, you are doing brilliantly!!

Keep up the good work! 😃😃


hi Louiseb, you have done amazing well with your quit!! Don't worry about the weight just now. Stay strong!!😊 😊 😊

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