Penthouse!!!! Awesome

This has been a battle, don't get me wrong. Quitting is quite simply one of the hardest things you may ever have to do in life. So, is it worth it? Absolutely. No question. The rewards is for life, literally.

I hope all who read this find the strength needed to quit or continue with their quit and see that it is possible to reach the penthouse even for smokers with an addiction that lasted well over 30 years.

For what its worth, I can admit I still crave cigs every now and then but the cravings up until now have been manageable through distraction of one type or another, do what works for you. Stick with it and never surrender.

I'll continue to check in periodically and spew a few random words of encouragement to those that are struggling.

Hercu, I'll wedge the penthouse door open as I know your right behind me. :)

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  • Wow - great achievement. I have 10 months to go but my ambition is to join you

  • Congratulations on 1 year quit - great achievement!

  • Congratulations Canwes, enjoy the party in the penthouse, look forward to joining yourself, Incy_Wincy and Hercu in 4 months time....

    Thanks for sharing a great encouraging and motivational post :)

  • Oh..... how I was waiting for this post Canwes...Huge congrats !!!! and yes we started this journey two weeks apart and you were the first responder to my first post...and here we are a full year further....Wow !!!

    Enjoy the penthouse for a week or two alone and thank you for the promise to wedge the door won't be in vein ...I am coming in !!!

  • Well done Canwes, great achievement.

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