week 2 plus, still hanging in there

it has been hard at times ...but its going to be worth it i feel..i took it an hour at a time,then a day at a time. im still not convinced that i can do it ..so when someone offers my a dreaded fag i just say nah ill have one when i get home..by the time i do get home i have changed my mind..i have noticed that people who do smoke are a bit smelly ,so that makes me want to carry on. also i went to the shop for ten cigs for someone the other day and they cost £5.50 that's bad. im using normal chewing gum and it does help with the craving and it keeps me off the sweeties. good luck people.

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  • Well done illusivegemini on over 2 weeks quit, but WOW on buying a box of 10 (€11.30 in Ireland for 20 :o ) I had to avoid my shop for about a month! You seem to have a good mindset, keep it up :)

  • thank you Rosin

  • Well done illusivegemini 👏👏👏 big pat on the back for you, you can sooooooo do this!! Just keep going day by day and you will be amazed how quick it turns into months. Stay strong😊😊😊

  • thank you netty

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