Things that helped me quit

Thanks for the feedback everyone. There were a few things that helped me get through the most difficult period, the first 6 months. I told everyone I was quitting. I started checking my own blood pressure regularly (with a device from Amazon) as it was high even with meds, and quitting should bring it down, and it has now normalized. I also got a lot of motivation from family and my daughter. I tried not to spend time with other smokers, especially if drinking is involved, losing at least one friend in the process I am afraid. And I bought a good espresso machine! This has given me a different ritual first thing in the morning and I hear that drinking coffee is not bad for you! I don't have any significant cravings now, perhaps once a year I'll want to smoke, usually in a social situation after a night out, but don't. 4 years is a good start!

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  • Great advice Jim especially for our newbies - Neli and Lauravm, thank you for taking the time to come back and share your wisdom ;)

  • thanks guys for the advice, im currently enjoying lemon water, and green tea. i'm still holding on. for the first time today, i bought myself biltong, just to nibble during the course of the day. Lol i can feel im getting heavier weightwise. but i'll sort that out later. i'm still holding on.

  • Well done Neli, I think one of the things that was helpful for me was starting to take a daily 20 minute walk which is a nice routine and burns a few of the extra calories off, hope you stay with it :-)

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