Day 1 about to quit / nausia help

Hi All

On day 9 with Champix but feel sick for 1/2 hr after taking - doesnt help taking other medicines at same time but should be off most of them in 3 weeks.

Any advice / tips on tackling nausia (aches and pains also but controllable).

Been eating a dry cracker as soon as I take the Champix which seemed to help but now on the stronger dose and its knocked me more than when I had morning sickness with the little one!

Realy want to quit even though I love smoking but for sake of my health and the little one realy need to hang on in there


Whitto x

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  • Welcome whitto x x x

    Try those pressure bands for travel sickness too they are great!

    I used them during morning sickness.

    Not a champix user me self but theres me tupence worth ;)

    Look forward to following your quit x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • cut in half and take 4 times a day

  • Hi Whitto

    Welcome to the mad house you will have fab support here. Good luck Linda xxxxx

  • Hi Whitto and

    to the place where there's method in the madness!

    Champix is great for me and I reckon it's made the difference between success and another failure. The forum too has been and is invaluable because everyone here knows what they're talking about.

    Have a great quit.:D

  • Hi Whitto,

    Welcome to our formum,


    I am on day 45 of champix and I stopped on day 11, I found for the first two weeks I was really feeling sick most of the time but it did definately improve after day 11 when I stopped smoking as well. I feel ok now as long as I eat something like cereal or toast before taking the tablet, if I only had a dry cracker I would still feel sick. I must admit, I was feeling like giving in at the beginning because of the sickness but I am so glad I didn't. Give it a bit longer and eat before taking and see what happens when you stop smoking.

    Try cutting them in half like justin said as well, try anything but stay strong and don't give in yet.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on,

    Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Befly can I have a formum too please? It sounds kind of comfortable and cozy!:D :D

  • Hi steve,


    Yes my darling you can have one if you like,

    You will have to forgive me as I have got something in my eye and its doing my head in coz it keeps going blurrrrrrrrrry, so I am touch typing and I can never be bothered with spell check. Any way it gives you lot something to laugh at when I make boo boos!

    Big hugs steve,

    Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:D

  • Hi Befly

    Dont worry I make boo boos and nothing in my eye just cant spell Your doing great girl well done Linda xxx

  • Only had 2 cigarettes today - split over the day - Plan is for tomorrow to be first no smoking day and hope that the sickness will lighten. Thank you all for comments and support - it really helps and will get pressure band for sickness also (forgot about that when I was pregnant). Trying ginger also but struggling as diet is limited due to oespohagous / tummy probs. All the more to keep trying though! May split tabs if still sickness after I have stopped for a few days.

    Take care guys and thanks again.

    Carol W xxx;)

  • Congratulations on getting down to 2 cigarettes ... today is the day :)

    I hope the sickness has subsided a bit.

    Will be joining you for no smoking on Wednesday (i've cut down but am not doing as well as you - hoping suddenly the champix will kick in big time tomorrow which is my last day of smoking!)

    GOOD LUCK :) :)



  • HI Carol

    Hope today is going ok so far dont forget to let us know how things are going Linda

    Hi Ali

    Dont take champix my self but some have said they smoked more not less before the stop day so dont worry to much Just stick to your day and go for it . Good luck and let us know how your doing Linda xxx

  • Hi All

    Not wanting cigarette today at all - sickness settled after about 2 hours and back at work after being on sick. Keeping my mind busy anyhow which helps. Had more to eat before tablets but still sicky but will try food before & after tablets and getting anti sickness wrist band today. Will try anything to hang on!

    Good luck Ali for Wednesday! I'm on day 9 which although feeling sick the craving has really lessened - even when I had 2 yesterday I felt I didn't really want them (habit mostly!). It will get better for you also!

    This site really helps and is nice to get encouragement and positive feedback and tips!

    Whitto x

  • 254

    Awww I am very sorry to hear that you are feeling terrible when you take your no smoking meds. I hope that they begin to help you instead of make things worse for you! I quit cold turkey so I have no help for you about Champix, but i wish i did :confused:

    Feel better soon ;)

  • Getting better!

    Yippee - day 1 over - not a single puff!

    Eating toast and just had my tablet during breakfast - last night it worked and I did not feel sick - hopefully will work this morning although feel a little queasy already!

    Talk about vivid dreams though when on the tablets - hopefully these may settle also and get a proper nights sleep.



  • Well done .. that's brilliant :) Hope you're feeling proud of yourself :)

    Good that you are controlling the sickness too. It's awful .. I went through an attack of the up-chucks yesterday afternoon - not pleasant :o

    Take care and have another good day



  • Hi Ali

    Good luch for tomorrow too! Just take it a day / hour at a time.

    Logging on to this site helps as i feel not only do I not want to let my little girl down / and husband, but also the friends here.

    We are all rooting for you!

    Take Care xxxx ;)

  • Morning Carol

    well done on your first day rock on day two Linda xxxx

  • Nice one witto x x

    :D dead chuffed it's going so well so far x x

    ~Buffy x x

    Oooooh Ali x x

    Sorry to hear of the up chucks :(

    One way of not wanting to smoke on the bright side, I guess?!


    Hope you're feeling betterer x x ~Buffy x x

  • Day 2 nearly over - no cigarettes but going to bed now as getting slight cravings - trying to ignore it and will have a glass of water in a moment.

    No real sickness now on Champix - THANK YOU to advice from this site!

    BIG HUGS to all


    Takin it a day at a time!:D

  • Going good carol x x

    Hang tight and stay strong.

    Water and sleep are great tools !!

    We will be here right behind you tomorrow and the next day and the next and so on x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • Hey Carol,

    I'm a day behind you and in a similar position. I have little cravings that I can feel now and again. I'm quite tired as I haven't slept much recently so I'll go to bed, too.

    Day 2 for me tomorrow. You can pass on your experience of how I'll feel as the feeling will still be fresh for you.

    Sleep well


  • Morning

    Hi Guys

    Slept in this morning so quick post - going to jump in shower before getting little on ready (she has a little nursery uniform for the first time and is looking fwd to wearing it - she is not yet 3 but she says she is a big girl now!)

    Tired at moment as not woken up properly - very vivid dreams again and woke up at 3:30. :eek: Had Champix and feelin queasy but not as bad as previous times.

    Will check in later today.

    Good luck for you all!


  • Morning Carol :)

    Hope you have a lovely day today :)

    How does your daughter look in her new uniform - really cute no doubt :) .. bet that's made you feel really proud.

    Take care and look forward to hearing how things are going.



  • Way to go Ali,Carol and Graeme

    Well done to you all have a lovely smoke free day speak later Linda xxxx

  • Way to go Ali,Carol and Graeme

    Well done to you all have a lovely smoke free day speak later Linda xxxx

    Thank you Linda :) :)



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