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5 Years ago quit smoking :)

With the help of this forum and Champix, I quit smoking 5 years ago - anniversary was on Jan 19. I have to say that I hardly ever think of smoking anymore. The best tip I got about quitting smoking was from this forum - " we quit in the sub-conscious"- I think that was "Austinlegro's" great comment: once I fully grasped that the rest seemed relatively easy. This forum provided valuable support. I also found another alternative to get my "dopamine fix" - for me it was exercise. All the best to the new quitters out there.

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Thanking you for your very positive update,

Well done to you fantastic


Great read and we'll done you, I hope I get to the 5year mark :) with all the human objects thrown at me on this life time change :) 👍

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Thank you so much nonico for sharing such a motivational and inspiring story. Congratulations on 5 years quit, what a great achievement - wholeheartedly agree that this community was the secret to my success too. Feel free to share your words of wisdom when you can :)

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Nonico...Thank you for the ensurance that smoking really becomes a vague memory... And the next truth is the longer clean the stronger the urge to exercise...I become very grumpy if I could not do my thing for two consecutive days... Thank you once again !!


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