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Price of cigarettes?

As I was in my little corner shop,in the queue ( with that I mean all three of us). The gent in front asked for 10 benson and hedges ( for me that's a strange name any way ). Only yo be told cigarettes are now only sold in twentys, couldn't believe it £9.00 FOR a pack of twenty. That's truly crazy money, must add he did indeed buy them.

Addictions are so strong

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That is awful. Government using the old "it'll discourage people from starting in the first place" when yes it might do, but really- they are wacking up the price because they know people will pay it. So wrong.


Tracey...That is Crazy !!!!!! in my country that £9.00 on the current exchange rate is a fifth of a general day workers monthly salary.....For them it is a 20 kg bag of rice.....!!! Sometimes that must feed a family of 5 to 8 people....!!!

Certainly addictions are very strong...Unbelievable !!!


Hey Tracey, when I quit 17 months ago 20 cigarettes (only 20 can be bought in Ireland for years now), they were bang on €10.00 - spent €20.00 a day on 40 and may have spent more if needed milk, bread etc... The price didn't bother me at all when I smoked, bothers me now that I wasted so much money on them - could have bought a second house with the money I spent on them!!

I had to buy 20 for my mother a couple of weeks ago when she was down with the vomiting bug and shockingly there are now €11.80 :O


Yes, around £9 per pack (depending what you smoke) - I changed over to menthol a few years ago which helped me cut down (I used to refer to it as 'like smoking a polo mint' lol).

Not only are they doing away with 10's, they are banning any 'flavoured' cigarettes, such as menthol (see below). Apparently, they make smoking appealing!! Nonsense.

Then again, that was decided by EU judges and we all know what happened to that...!

It's a good job I gave up when I did!! :)


I didn't realise there were so many restrictions in place now. No packs of ten, no menthol cigarettes anymore...what next? I remember when you could buy five cigarettes in a paper packet from Billy Marriott's corner shop. Even better; my mate used to buy "singles" (one cigarette, again in a paper packet) from the ice cream van that visited his street. I suppose something had to change :-)


Showing your age ther Nozmo 😀


hahaha Nozmo we were the same, we used to pop down to paddy reids corner shop from school and buy one fag for 10pence!!


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