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No Smoking Day
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Chamois and nausea

Third go with champix, successful the second time with a cat 5 hurricane bearing down on me when I lived in Florida so figured Valium, nicotine and jackie D the way to go only for it to miss. Each time the nausea has been a massive pain in the ass but I preserved and despite feeling lousy kept at it. Here in England my nude has put me on an an anti nausea pill metaclopromide to take 20 minutes before each dose and truly a miricle. All the benefits but no nausea. Quit day Sunday and am psyched

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Welcome Prenteg - you seem to have things under control and ready - we look forward to reading your progress updates, wishing you success and strength for Sunday :)

PS Can you clarify what chamois in your post title has got to do with quitting?


Hi Prenteg,

I feel your pain with the nausea - I too have suffered horrendously with the nausea (and anxiety). I've done the 'after food' and with water and ginger biscuits etc. etc. but I'm glad to day that it has faded after the first 7 days.

I am now on day 17 of Champix and 10 days into my quit and on 2 x 1mg morning and night. Like yourself, I have just persevered and kept telling myself that it will get better and thankfully it has (for now).

Day 2 and 8 were probably the worst so prepare yourself for good and bad days - just keep reminding yourself that YOU CAN DO IT and the reasons for you quitting...

We are all in the same position on here so you're in the right place...

Good luck and stay strong!

Mel :)

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Hey melf123

Did you try below that I posted previous times to you (curious to know if it didn't work as other members here said it worked?)

Take the tablet(s) with nothing only water and a dry piece of toast, allow it to settle for about 5 minutes. If this tip is followed exactly like this, there should be no nausea.

Also, another tip is peppermint - sweets, gum or even peppermint oils.

As with all tablets, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

I think Prenteg isn't actually suffering nausea as has an anti pill which appears to be working for them this time around.

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Hi RoisinO1 yes I tried that early on. I must admit I probably could have drank more water than I did but other than that no effect in the first week.

Glad to say it's much better now - must have been my body getting used to the changes after 25 years of smoking... Half way through my second week now and feeling ok :)


Thats great Mel.

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