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Hi guys

I am on day 14 of champix its not easy must admit, but I've reduced my smoking from 20-25 a day to just 2-6max on the champix I really hope that the effectiveness kicks in now coz I'm ready to be smoke free..... I read your stories and I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only poof attempting to quit. I'm looking forward to reading more and hopefully you guys will assist me on my journey...

mwah lets keep on keeping on!

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With a big smile, I will say hello, great to have you with us,.

I have no experience whith champix, that said many many people on here have, your doing great, please read and read more, any primblems just post, usually some one around.

A big welcome, and look forward to future posts

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Avagirl...Welcome and congratulations on the best decision in your life.... As a Champix quitter myself I have gone the same path and came down from 60 per day to 1 @ 9 'O Clock day 12 and stopped. That day was 20 months and 6 days ago and I never want to smoke again...It will be tough sometimes but as long as you remember Champix is not the magic pill that insure not smoking it will go well...Brace yourself...Nicotine is a very strong and commanding drug ...Champix helps 20% but the other 80% needs to come from your strong willpower and your need to stop smoking

If you are ready you are ready....Do not stop to take the Champix and complete the prescription.... and maybe the most important ..Talk to us..... on this wonderful Forum..It saved me and will save you....Strongs !!!!

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Hi Avagirl ,

I m also a champix quitter, and i found this drug very helpful as i had three previous attempts that were unsuccessful. the only advice that i can give is try to be creative! i remember the first week i have been drawing a dot on my wrinkle to symbolize the nicotine monster. every day that was passsing by I used to draw it smaller and smaller until day seven it was just a small dot. that helped me visualizing my struggle. also when i had a bad craving i used to do something that it didn't involve smoking even before, like having a shower or laying in bed.

What I can say for sure is that in a month time your skin will start glowing amazingly. people will ask you the brand of your face cream.

good luck and whenever you need it just write on here!



Helo Avagirl

Welcome to the forum and it's good hear you have managed to reduce the amount you smoke by so much.

Like Tracey3 I don't have any experience of champix but I'm happy to help in any other way...

Keep posting and let us know how you're gettng on.

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hi and welcome i quit just ova mth ago i havnt used that stuff that you use im quitting through vape i had couple bad days but being here helps alot


Hi Avagirl,

I am on day 12 of Champix and quit on day 8.

I must admit, day 2 was the worst for me - even with the Champix, I couldn't tell what was the worst - the cravings or the anxiety that set in.

It worried me a little as I have not suffered with anxiety in the past and it took me by surprise a bit (along with many of the other emotions I was feeling). As many have said on here, I find it best to take one day at a time and I am beginning to learn to just let the cravings be over with and know that they still won't beat me.

Best of luck with it and it would be great to hear how you're getting on as it's my first (and last) time using Champix.

Stay strong and well done!

Mel :)

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Welcome, keep up the hard work. Congratulations on your choice become smoke free. This is a good place to be when you feel anxious. Lots of good info and caring people who has been there, done that. Someone will always give you kind, words of encouragement.


Welcome Avagirl to our community, we look forward to seeing you here in Day 1 very soon. Wishing you strength ;)


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