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3 weeks smoke free

Hi everyone.

Been a few weeks since I posted but been visiting forum. Am really pleased to say it's been 3 weeks since I have not had a cigerette. I am feeling really proud. I definitely have days when I would like a cigerette but always get good advice and tips from forum. Just a question if anyone can help, I have had a small irritable cough occasionally for the last week. It's not severe. Is this a side effect of not smoking. Although the horrible cough I used to have every morning when I smoked has gone. I feel very blessed to have found this forum.

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You SHOULD feel proud, well done on getting to three weeks.

Apparently the lungs start purging out the "gunk" from about three weeks so that's probably what you're experiencing. I had the same thing and lot's of others here have reported it. It lasted for a few weeks with me but everybody is different. If it starts to get any worse maybe go to see your GP?


Hello and a massive 'well done'. I am at just over 4 months and recently have been wanting a cigarette. The good news is that these feelings become easier not to act upon. Not sure about the cough - I've not experienced anything different since I quit. I wouldn't be surprised however, if this was related to quitting. You can't see it but there is a massive clean-up operation going on inside you and people do seem to experience a whole range of symptoms.

You are doing a great job. Keep going and watch out for triggers at Christmas (speaking from experience here). 😃😃

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