1 month! Maybe?

Hi all,

Just wondering is 1 month 4 weeks or do we do calendar months? If its calendar months I should have started in February 28 days!

Anyway, it's 4 weeks and 3 days since I last had a cigarette!!

It's my wedding anniversary tomorrow but I am working nights but we are going to London at the weekend to watch Arsenal legends game and see Les Mis and have breakfast up the shard so will be lovely!

The time has flown by, it feels like it was only a week or so ago I gave up really, just take it one day at a time and the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months!

I hope everyone is having a good day, stay strong we will beat this in the end guys!! 😀😀

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  • Whohoo BevJk, congratulations and well done, that 1 month certainly has flown by. I count the milestones as in calendar months just to be 100% accurate. Enjoy your wedding anniversary weekend, it sounds lovely! How many years are married?

    I am 10 years married next Friday 09 September, spending the weekend in our hotel we had our reception in, my favourite place in the world!

  • Thanks for my new badge RoisinO1 i love it!

    It is our 7 year anniversary. I got married in Las Vegas and we are going back there on our 10th wedding Anniversary! Hope you enjoy your weekend. X

  • Whoop whoop!! Well done on a month.

    Enjoy your anniversary, you deserve it!!

  • Thanks mushen! X

  • Well done Bev, it's great to get the first month under your belt!

  • Congratulations Bev on 1 month, great to reach the 1st big milestone!

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