2 Days before Monday

2 Days before Monday

Well it is Saturday, been on the internet all morning googling pics of smokers and I must say I makes me feel disgusting! Look what a smokers lungs look like!!!!

I also received my Fibre Shakes tablets yesterday in the post. And you have to eat raisins as well to get the nicotine taste out of your mouth.

This I can do. Already made plans and getting the needed support from my husband (Which smokes as well)

The say it may be difficult living with a smoker, but the also say Nine out of ten times when the one partner stops the other one will stop as well!

I can do this!

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  • The ugly true reality...Strongs Mecs !!

  • My husband smokes as well. The big thing for me was not seeing a packet of cigarettes especially during week 1. We did have a few hiccups to begin with (like when he offered me one -twice!) So I ask him to hide them from me. He smokes in the garden but does it around the corner where I can't see and doesn't tell me he's going outside. To start with it is not easy but it is doable. Just make sure you are not faced with a packet sitting right in front of you at any time.

  • That's the way to do it Mecs. Keep on reading up and getting yourself prepared for the big day.

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