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Good day or bad day!

BevJk2 Years Smoke Free

Hi guys,

Just trying to decide if I've had a good day or bad day!

Went shopping in the city early this morning and my hubby treated me to breakfast which was lovely! (Good) done nearly all my Christmas shopping! (Good) I know it's early!!! Got really bad IBS from my lovely breakfast (Bad) treated myself to some perfume! (Good) didn't miss smoking too much but used my 0% nicotine Ecig (Good) came home and hubby cooked tea (Good) then sat on my Ecig and broke it! (Bad)

So I have a question for you, do I go out tomorrow and buy a new Ecig or go without????

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HercuValued Contributor

Bev...I would not buy a new one ... for as long as possible... I was very lucky in that sense that an E-cig wasn't my cup of tea and thrown it a day after trying ....! A huge BUT if you feel to uncomfortable without it buy a new one before buying cigarettes... Stay strong !!

Abuelajeannie3 Years Smoke Free

As Hercu says if you can manage without it don't buy one but it's better to get another rather than cigarettes. Your doing great

NozmoValued Contributor

You know how much you use the ecig Bevjk. If you think you can get away without it then that's great but if you think it may jeapordize your quit then it may be safer to buy another.

Christmas shopping??? I wish I was organised like you. I haven't even done any shopping for my summer holiday yet!

BevJk2 Years Smoke Free

Feel a bit naughty but had to go and get a new Ecig as when I got up this morning was really struggling and then noticed my champix on table that I should have taken last night! Derrrrrrr! Better than smoking though! And no nicotine. X x

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