Day 3

Hi all

Day 3 update. Feeling pretty down - i guess the euphoria of stopping for the first 2 days and the realisation that this is a long tough battle is now setting in.

Im feeling grotty but strong. I know that every hour that passes is one in the pocket and with enough hours passing it will get easier.

I have got a tightening/burning sensation in my chest since yesterday. I guess this is normal as my lungs get used to this oxygen stuff :) Since my heart attack, I am a bit paranoid about chest pain.....

Hope you are all having a great smoke free day, keep strong

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  • Andrew, you are doing brilliantly well. Day 3 is right in the thick of the hardest time and you kind of have to grind your way through those first few days, ticking off the hours. It is hard but a) it sounds like you are in exactly the right kind of determined mind-set, and b) it will get easier. By tomorrow the nicotine will be out of your system and you will have another day under your belt. I so remember how important this forum was to me at that stage - one of the few things that kept me sane (well relatively) and on the straight and narrow. Post as often as you need to - there is normally someone around and able to ping a quick reply

  • Thanks FordyP. Had my afternoon dip as I did yesterday, but feeling a lot better now. Every day it's getting a little better....slow and steady progress

    Thanks for your support!

  • Quitting is a rollercoaster of a journey with up and down days - hopefully tomorrow you will feel a little better. If your chest pain hasn't cleared soon get it checked with a doctor - better safe than sorry. I don't recall having any pain like that although I did pick up heartburn ...

  • Hi Miscy. Feeling a lot better now, and feel more in control, felt a bit helpless this afternoon. Will go to the docs soon if this pain remains.

    Thanks for your support, really appreciate it!

  • Andrew .. Yes now is the time to get your mind and hands busy...I was in a position to rebuild my camper and it really helped... Miscy might be on target with heartburn...? But with your history go and see a doctor asap..... ! Stay strong

  • So pleased you have posted, as I feel this is a crucial time in the early stages of your quit, but my word, you are indeed holding tight, and pushing on, that is to be admired.

    For some reason, I think, I could be wrong, that our bodies let us know if there is some thing wrong, and having a little check up, won't harm.

    Doing truly amazing, keep posting, doing great

  • Once you get over the hectic first few weeks you will notice that the bad days still happen but they're easier to deal with and further apart.

    Believe it or not, all of us seemingly calm and considered people giving you advice were once crazed lunatics, climbing up the walls during the early days of our quits.

    Well done Andy, keep posting, and get those pains checked out if they don't go away. Heartburn is common though at this stage from what I've read.

  • Thanks Nozmo. Yup, one hour at a time.

    I really do believe the worst is over. While I'm not dropping my guard and there is a long way to go I'm feeling confident and calm.

    It's great having people like yourselves's an enormous help and source of support

  • Hi Tracey3 . Yes, posting here and just generally visiting this forum is helping enormously!

    I'm not too concerned with this chest pain, it just feels a bit uncomfortable. I am also having regular check ups with the heart and lung doctor anyway and they are happy. If it persists I will see the GP

  • Ah Andrewquits, Day 3, by the end of it, the nicotine will be out of your system! Wahey!! You are putting up a great fight!

    With regards the chest pain, with your history perhaps get it checked out if it persists, although it is a common enough symptom with your lungs starting to clear out.

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