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No Smoking Day
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What not smoking is meaning for me:

It was not easy to take control of my life after so many years of allowing something else to control my life and actions. That’s why I was stuck in the same old patterns of co-dependency, unrealistic self-expectations, and pointless regret. However, making a conscious decision to live in a new way is the first step to regaining a sense of self-value and self-mastery. It was to free myself from years of slavery and unnecessary entrapment.

I have learned that when you let go of your dependency on something like a stupid cigarette, it empowers you to think about what you want from life and from your future. When you know that you are just fine on your own, you are firmly in control. You put yourself in the position to choose who and what you add to your life, secure in the knowledge that you always have your self-esteem to sustain you.

It is just a wonderful feeling to be able to make your own happiness...!

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Thanks for sharing your wisdom! I hope to reach that feeling one day!


Absolutely!!!!! Quitting smoking is just the start!!!! This will completely change you :D


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