One year tomorrow smoke free after 40 years of smoking. I did it! Took me more than 5 times but i did it this time. Yeah!!!!!

It was a journey but i made it day by day. Focused on myself and decided I need to put myself first. I was the only one that wanted to quit. Quit letting those cigarettes control my life wasn't easy but you gotta replace it with something good. Hobby or work out make a goal like to walk a 5 k.

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  • kdworley04 🎉🎉🎉


    Congratulations 👍

    Enjoy the Penthouse 👏🏯💖



  • Thank you. It was a definite journey kept waiting for my one year anniversary because never made it that far before

  • Congrats. I along with most people try multiple times before the quit sticks.

  • Excellent...Welcome to the we can do the 5 together...!!

  • congratulation!!

  • Congratulations kdworley04 ....see you in the penthouse!

  • Ah kdworley04, I remember your first post here - huge congrats on reaching the 1 year milestone and welcome to the penthouse, we have all nice and cosy for you in this chilly weather we are having :) Keep in touch....

  • Omg i can't believe you had that. Meant so much to me to see that. Thank you. Such a lonely journey should have posted more. It was a very sentimental one. I remember the first time at 22 when i quit smoking. I felt so good that day! Was so proud then tragedy struck that night. My son was killed and the the cigarettes became my crutch in such sorrow. I had this belief if i tried to quit again something bad would happen. That cigarette was my comfort is my darkest days. But as time went on i learned that i needed to find the strength on my own. And i finally have. To take a breath and feel good about it. To find my own strength without a crutch.

  • Ah kdworley04 your reply brought a tear to my eye. I am so sorry for the loss of your son, your words above could not have been any better and I can relate to them, especially that I needed to smoke in case something bad would happen - I too suffered the loss of my baby 4 years ago, I became such a heavy smoker to deal with the pain and heartache and knew if I didn't stop I would end up dying (smoked 25-30 a day, maybe more in my dark days).

    Now 17 months smoke free, it is a huge achievement for me but could not have done it without this community - its amazing how I was drawn to a total strangers post and remembered your username so looked up your profile - glad it meant something to you - post anytime to share your wisdom or just for a chat - we're a close little family here :)

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