Ecig update

I've run out of e liquid so I've decided today is the day to stop vaping. So far I'm ok, I think it will be tonight after dinner I might feel it as I always vape with my after dinner coffee. Anyway the deed is done, I live out in the countryside and therefore I would have to get the car out and travel about an hour there and back to buy some, and I'm not going to do that. I'm off in my pool to get some exercise, drink loads of iced water and then chill with my book.

7 Replies

  • Well done Jean, you are doing so well, be proud of yourself and maybe have a treat with the coffee this evening :)

  • Well done, you can do this :)

  • Great work! Maybe something different than coffee tonight might do the trick


  • Good going Jean...Stay Strong !!!

  • Great stuff - sure you'll be fine - positive thoughts n all that! Slip a drop of whiskey in the coffee and you probably won't even notice!

  • Go for it! Sounds like your head's in the right place.

  • Great lots of water...yes you can do this

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