Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give an update since my last post. I quit smoking cold turkey on November 3rd, 2015 after ~10 years. It has been a battle but I have not taken a single puff since then. I feel so much better. I have smaller urges now only when I am stressed or in a bad mood. Other than that, I can be around my friends who smoke and just live a normal life. I started going to the gym consistently about 2 months ago so that helps with relieving some stress. It feels good to not be dependent on anything in order to "calm" down. If anyone needs any advice or needs a ear to vent to, please feel free to message me!

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  • Hello Reggie, I remember you posting on the last day of the old forum, just before it was due to close! Great to hear from you again and even better to hear how successful you have been. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yes Nozmo! I was really struggling that day and needed some guidance from people going through the same thing as me. I figured I would try and reach out to some internet friends :) You all really helped me that day and I feel lucky being able to come here and read success stories about people going through the same struggles as me. We all need to remember that urges will come and go, but staying healthy will last forever.

  • Whohoo ReggieTheApe , great to read an update from you :) Wow, you are over 6 months, congratulations and well done that is some achievement especially doing it cold turkey and not being on here morning, noon and night! I will always say I quit cold turkey and the unbelievable support from this forum.

    You are nailing your quit....your 6 month badge is on its way (reached my 8 month milestone last week)

  • Congrats on the 8 months Roisin! I hope you enjoy your vacation you have planned. I just saw your notification from 2 months ago checking up on me. I really appreciate that! This forum is a true help for people!

  • Congratulations!!! All that hard work is starting to pay off now :)

  • Reggie ....Thank you for updating and surely all of us do enjoy success stories ...... Well done and keep it up ....!!!

  • Congrats on 6 months smoke free Reggie - awesome job!

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