Golf and smoking

Went golf the other day with a few friends they are both smokers.the game can be very frustrating at times but enjoyable.but i dont no why but seeing my pals lighting up i seemed envious i dont no why cause i work with smokers everyday and dont get those urges!maybe it was the sunshine!maybe it was my lousy putting lol.anyway i didnt give in to those urges but it made me realize that im not out the woods yet with my quit and that these mind games come out of nowhere.

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  • Hey Joe, well done on resisting, that is great!   Yes, the guard must be up at all times ready to attack, as the brain needs to be re-trained on how we deal with the different situations where we once smoked.   The next one should be a lot easier to overcome.   

    Well done again :)

  • Joe, I know exactly where you are coming from. I played golf at the weekend with some friends one of whom smoked. Being on a golf course was just one of those situations where I always used to smoke - especially on a nice sunny day out in the fresh air. It is getting easier though. This weekend when I played, for the first time I genuinely didn't even think about it. Well done for getting through it - quite some achievement

  • Another trigger point conquered Joe. It will be easier next time!

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