Has anyone else been going through a mad eating phase? I've done quite well so far, 56 days and managed to avoid gaining weight until now, but the last few days I'm like:

1. Is this nailed down?

2. Can I eat it?

3. Yes....Yes I can *eating sounds* :/

Woe is me. I need some sort of anti-toast intervention! Still wearing the patches, but am a bit stressed and up in the air with things (another job interview next week and am living with an increasingly resentful and passive-aggressive family member). Nonetheless. It is a beautiful day, I'm off for a walk, and if anyone feels like offering a tip/friendly jibe ("step away from the biscuits, punk!" :b Hehe), please don't be shy. Hope all is well in the sunny world of smoke-free :D

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  • Hi ruthess ive put on well over a stone since i quit and was eating like a horse for the first month.but been eating healthier lately so hopefully lose a few pounds😆

  • Hi Joe, I think you're right - it's a phase, just a reaction to change really. Bit unnerving, but glad to hear you're coming through the other side of it. I'm sure you'll get that stone off in no time, but even if you didn't, you've still quit smoking and the benefit of that outweighs (sorry, no pun intended) the extra pounds. Just had a biscuit...haha

  • Hey Ruthess, 56 Days! Well done!   

    When I quit I was very conscious of putting on weight as hubby gave up a year and a half prior to me quitting and put on alot of weight (which he has now lost).

    What I found really helped me especially at work was a water juicer bottle, can put whatever fruit you like into the bottom of it (I use, 3 mint leaves, few slices of cucumber and lemon) and top with water throughout the day, whenever I had a hunger pang, I just drank from it...could try eating more fruit and vegetable too....(very exciting!!)

    It is tough and some days I could eat all around will settle down though....

  • Aww, thanks Roisin :) I can't believe it's nearly 2 months. My sense of smell is so much better than I ever thought it was! Possibly one of the reasons I want to eat everything. The juice idea sounds yummy, might try that - thanks for the tip! And yes, fruit and veg, not to be underestimated. Prepping a nice healthy meal for later at work. The feeling will pass.

  • My husband's taste buds have really gone mental since he quit, he always loved his food but now just adores everything he eats, from fruit to porridge!!

  • Hiya ruthess,

    Oh yes! I was eating everything in site and gaining weight by the week! I had to sort of wait until I was in the right mindset to eat less and start losing it again. Difficult to explain really but similar to stopping smoking...after a few days I found I wasn't craving the snacks all that much.

    Enjoy your walk!

  • Yep I was the same - mindlessly eating everything in sight. That has settled down fortunately but I still have an increased appetite. I've accepted I'm not going to be a skinny wretch again as I refuse to proper diet but I think I look better with a few extra pounds anyway. 

  •  I have just had a huge ham baguette, a bucket load of soup, a packet of crisps and then just got myself a Cadbury's Twirl - munchies? What munchies?

  • I so, understand your pain, as I've just eaten three granola bars, I've yet to understand, why we can't crave cabbage, carrots or brocoly, it's chocolate, crisps, all those calorific foods.

    But great news indeed, we can in the future, Loose  that weight, and I so understand for many, that weight is a mental issue, that said.  My washing machine, was imaculate, I guess I'm a bit of a clean freak,  so clean, an then it broke down, was  I bothered about the out side, the answer is NO.  I was more concerned about the inside, I may say was rotten, so a few nibbles, might indeed affect our weight, it certainly is not affecting our health, the way smoking does.

    you just keep going, it's truly amazing 😀

  • Tracey, please tell me you're not likening yourself to a washing machine :b Haha. I've read that three times, have I got that straight?

    Thanks so much everyone, it's nice to know it's not just me losing the plot, plus I'm glad there's humour to be found in the whole experience! Just difficult when food is all you think about. I panic more than some probably because I used to be about 4 and a half stones heavier than I am now and I don't want to go back there :(

    So, had a little trot round the park before work yesterday and later on I'm going to an open air swimming pool in Blackpool with my new boyfriend (swit-swoo!) Hopefully exercise (and boyfriend!) might work as a distraction/motivation technique, and what could be nicer than an outdoor swim on a gorgeous day like today! Hurrah!

  • Ah what a lovely post Ruthess, best of luck with the new romance!  Weather is just glorious here in Ireland too, given a heatwave and to reach over 20 degrees by Sunday, at long last 8-)

  • :) Aww, thanks Roisin. It is all very exciting! 20 degrees eh?! Hehe, sunglasses on indeed. Enjoy the beautiful weather. Ooh, also, I had my first fresh cut grass smell yesterday and it was so nice to breathe it in with clear lungs. Definitely with you on that one :)

  • Hey Ruthess28 3 months smoke free today! Whohoo! Congrats! Hope your keeping well, weather still glorious here a month later, can't believe I am typing that! 8-)

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