Corner shop/milk

For those who know the corner shop is ( and I know as I have counted the steps)  86 steps, in the first few days of my quit those steps would of been soooo very easy to take,  one must admit  at times I did for what ever reason set off, cash in hand those nicotine stick calling me, but no by the time that shop bell rung ( the gent came down stairs to serve). the  urge had gone, what a blessing to me, that said I came out with items I would never ever have normally bought, jelly beans, corn flour, not to mention Ajax, as for me I would have felt so very uncomfortable not purchasing any item.  For to day I I took my 86 steps, I knew what indeed I was buying, four pints of milk. Now that's a huge improvement 

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  • Yebo yes have triumphed ....I had faith that one day the corner shop will be for bread and milk and not for cigarettes !! You did not disappoint, Thanks !

  • hi Tracey3 

    how are you tonight.

    that blooming shop.😈

    your wining that cig counter rubbish ha

    you know your a million times better not smoking.

    your doing fantastically.always full on energy

    you have a good night.

    take care 😄

    keep kicking 😎

  • Hi, yes am doing ok, I'm just having a little trouble, just had a kitchen fitted, am in the most terrible situation, the washer instructions are 30 pages long, no idea at all,  how to work the thing. 

    Hope your well

    Do you like this forum better? Or the previous one, was just thinking

  • I was only there a week or so.

    didn't know anyone.anything.

    now look at me yeah dizzy ha.

    no that.this is good.good for us.

    I had new cooker.built in.samecrap with getting it to work.burnt many a meal.

    just leave it.change frame of mind.

    go look at will be so easy once you've unloked the key.😒 its probably so easy.😒

    I stoped reading and just started pressing.😆

    you take care😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Ah Lizzy, you have such a way with words and unintentionally make me laugh, thank you!

  • glad to be of service 😆

  • :D

  • 😆😆😆

    not grinding ha

  • Well thank god!  Thought myself and Nozmo would be done for arson!

    Huge well done, that is a great achievement from a month or so ago!  I am proud of you!

    PS Special badge on its way!

  • Ha ha! Like it 😀

  • That shop is gaining legendary status Tracey! You're going to have to take a picture of it and put it on one of your posts.

    Glad to hear that it's serving its purpose for groceries and it's getting easier for you to go there. You've travelled a long way in those 86 steps.

  • Yes guess I should, it's a bit like the one from open all hours, and I can say it just about is open all hours

  • That corner shop is legendary! Glad that RoisinO1 and Nozmo arent going to have any arson charges hanging over their heads

  • yes, was certainly a pressure for a while, I secretly think it's a cover for something else, as new staff every two weeks, it's most interesting, 

  • You have done do well Tracey love the name of your new badge. You have came a long way and you should be feeling very proud of yourself, you are a lovely lady and always give great advice and support on this forum. Keep up the good work 😊

  • Great job Tracey

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