My Positive Post

Hi All

Nozmo...Thanks for nominating and Tracey I will always be here and will never smoke again...Life is to precious non smoking !!!!

We had a Mini storm and the Powerline collapsed for 3 Kilometers....and due to the drought and cost saving I allowed the Generator to run only in emergency situations. We all Jumped in and lifted the powerline because if we should have waited for the official power company of Mozambique we would have waited till Christmas 2020 !!!

This is my positive Idea of our quit....

When we originally quit it feels like we are pinned between a rock and a brick wall… but after the first few “hellish” days this rock becomes a stone and we start to carry it around and live with it.. Further along the path we will put our hand in our pocket one day to find this pebble and will recognize it as that rock at the beginning of our quit….. Will it ever become a  sand kernel ??? Nobody knows !

Stay strong and love you all...(1 week to go to reach 11 months...Yippeeeeee!!!)

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  • wow hercu.

    firstly hope all your family are well.

    mini storm.i know you always need rain but .

    anyway your post is outstanding.its beautiful.what a great way of saying our stopping smoking .task?story?

    you take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Thanks Lizzy...Yes we are fine..Living in Africa is nice but sometimes...?????

    and this storm was only wind...still no rain.!!

  • What a wonderful post, to start a beautiful sunny Sunday morning.  Doing a striking job, nearly at the penthouse, I can see those lights twinkling waiting on your arrival, 

    Lovely post, will cross every thing, today is a better day for you.

  • Thanks Tracey..Yes Very close now and gets easier every day....!! XX

  • Hello Hercu - I'm new to the community and haven't yet posted but had to reply to your post.  What a wonderful analogy of quitting smoking.  I fully agree and happily carry my pebble around at 15.5 months quit.  It's not quite a grain of sand but it is a very, very small pebble now.  Congratulations on almost 11 months!

  • Hi, just popping my head in to say , welcome from me, with a huge congratulations on your quit.

  • Thank you Miscy...Yes we want to grind it down but this quit thing has got it's own time an I really hope it becomes dust somewhere in my future...

  • Hey miscy , huge welcome to the No Smoking Community, well done on 15 and half months smoke free, well done, that is amazing!

  • ...and that's why I nominated you, knew you come up with something like that!

    Great post Hercu, good luck with the weather, hope you get some rain soon.

  • Thank you Nozmo...we need rain urgently but it is already turning to winter and our hopes are withering because we don't get winter rain... But yes we are positive and fighting for every drop of water...!!!

  • Hey Hercu, beautifully written post from the heart as always.    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you enough rain to help your land and time to be pass by quickly for you to getting to the penthouse that you so deserve.  It will be some party!

    PS Would you mind if I set up a pinned post of some of your inspirational quotes / analogues as they have helped me so much and I am sure they will help so many more here?

  • Roisen Thank you so much and yes please do...If it/we can inspire and motivate just one more person we achieved our goal...Have a very nice day and don't know if workers day counts in your country as a holiday if it does enjoy the day off..xx

  • Yeah, bank holiday tomorrow, so day off, will get working on the pinned post over the next few days....

  • Wow Hercu what a brilliant post! The weather here is brilliantly (and unusually for a bank holiday in the UK) sunny - wonderful for us to enjoy. It seems odd that we pray for sunshine and you for rain but I really hope that you get the rain you need. Your strength is inspiring

  • An inspiring parable Hercu. I'll recite the below Native American rain prayer for your country, though it doesn't come with guarantees.

    Cover my earth mother four times with many flowers.                                                     

    Let the heavens be covered with the banked-up clouds.                                                      

    Let the earth be covered with fog; cover the earth with rains.                                      

    Great waters, rains, cover the earth. Lighting cover the earth.                                         

    Let thunder be heard over the earth; let thunder be heard;                                             

    Let thunder be heard over the six regions of the earth.

    - Zuni Prayer for Rain

  • Love it Cocoa...Genuine and out of nature.

    Thank you for thinking so kindly of us in this critical situation...

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