I've just had a great weekend in Edinburgh but I found it very difficult at times. I always associate hotels with being on holiday or travelling with work, and smoking always played a big part in both of those activities.

I wanted a cigarette as soon as I checked in and the urge kept coming back to me. The worst craving came on Sunday morning. The hotel was right next to the zoo so I was woken at 5:30 by the monkeys shouting out their dawn chorus. I thoroughly enjoyed that bit but afterwards I couldn't get back to sleep, and the longer I lay there the more I wanted to go outside and have a fag.

Even the ecig didn't help. In fact it made things worse so I stopped using it.

Anyway, back to normal now and another trigger over with. Just wanted to share that even though I'm 3 months into it and using an e-cig I'm not immune to the old urges!

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  • Cheers for the great post Nozmo and brightening up my Monday!   

    Well done on overcoming that huge trigger, hopefully will do the same when on holidays myself in August....

  • I think you'll be OK Roisin because you know it's coming and will be prepared for it. I wasn't expecting that from a weekend away so it took me by surprise!

  • What I have found is that once I've ridden out the triggers it's easier next time your in the same situation.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend despite the struggle and I know after 3 months you are not going to give in to these triggers. 

  • Yeah, that's what I'm thinking Jean, hopefully it will be easier next time. That was certainly the case with going out for a drink - struggled initially but now it doesn't bother me. 

    I did enjoy it thanks, especially being woken by monkeys!

  • Well done for resisting Nozmo. Pleased about the Sunderland result - they did a damn sight better than my team

  • Cheers Fordy!

    There were a few three-nils around at the weekend. Commiserations for being on the receiving end of one of them. It's been a strange old season for you lot. Business as usual for us - relegation battle.

  • Just popping my head round the floor, to add a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, from me.

    You pushed on and got the result that was right.


  • Thank you Tracey, appreciate it. 🙂

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