Feeling very stressed a family member causing mahem and of course my mind went straight to wanting a cig.  i have been doing ok too this week, really cut down on using my ecig, and feeling really good till today but I'm not going to let a bit of drama get in the way of my quit.  Retraining your brain not to automatically think of smoking when stressed is the hardest part of quitting I think.  I have deliberately not changed my routine of going out for morning coffee or avoided my smoking friends because it's so much part of our life here and have coped with it for the most part, I don't associate coffee now with smoking at all, and I don't mind being with smokers but I haven't dealt with being stressed till today, so have suffered a little.   5 weeks quit now and over the worst so I will deal with this without smoking. 

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  • Nicotine actually increases stress and anxiety levels. You might feel easily annoyed right now due to withdrawal but trust me - with time being smoke free increases stability of your moods. Stress and anxiety levels decrease with elimination of nicotine addiction.

  • Im lucky i havent been in to many stressful situations but im sure ive got that to come haha also i can relate to being around smokers i work in the building game and everyone i work with smokes it was hard at first.i even thought about finding a new job,but i like my job and the people i work with.even though they smoke  it doesnt mean i have to smoke.

  • hi Jeannie.

    you have done great not know its not worth it 😈

    I know how you feel with stress.I have got stress at work as you know with th 2 ladies (I say ladies.i cant call them what id polite ha )

    I've had 2weks away from them now the dreaded time is nearly here to go back😒

    I will not let smoking win.i won't let idiots make me smoke.

    you can are winning

    take care 😊

    keep kicking

  • Keep the head up tomorrow Lizzy and above all keep kicking!

  • Congratulations and well done Jean!   

    You have overcome a huge trigger and will be so much easier the next stressful situation.   Your mindset is great and will really stand to you in your quit, keep it up!

    My first stressful situation happened 2 weeks into my quit and I came on and posted here with my fear of the situation, it helped just to type / write it down, got over it no problem and have found now that I actually deal with stressful situations alot more calmer!   CigaretteKills  is 100% correct!

  • How amazing you are,meeting through a difficult time,  situations are indeed going to happen, but my word you are prepared ( doing great) I guess every thing new in our quit is indeed going to be testing, but your showing who's boss, brilliant.

    I've just read my little black book, I swear it says, Abuljeanie, is doing a Stirling job, a reward is in order.

    Thanks for your post, tomorrow is a new day

    Another day smoke free, fantastic

  • Love when you get your little black book out Tracey!   Such a breath of fresh air you are here.....

  • Always stressful when family dramas happen - well done for staying strong!

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