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Well.............the odd heart pulpertation, heart fluttering, horrible little shooting pains every now and again and those light headed feelings. Now they were the feelings that I'd go through most days, and I'm telling all of you out there that are struggling with their quit to know this......... I've been quit for 14 days now and I've only just realised that I've not had 1 and I mean not 1 of those mentioned above. We all stop for many reasons and to be honest this wasn't one of the reasons, I didn't realise smoking was  contributing towards them. Yipeeeee 14 days 

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  • It seems to contribute towards EVERYTHING bad Nikon. Well done on two weeks; be very proud of yourself.

  • Congrats on your quit

  • nice one Nikon!

    I bet you have lots of other positives too. like smelling nicer and having clearer skin. :-)

    you are doing great :-)

  • Well done on 14 days

  • Your post has just made me realise that the flutterings I had and the odd stabbing pains have gone, omg, I never realised until now, how great it is, makes me more determined and I'm on day 61 and struggling due to sciatica but this post has got me going stronger 

  • How you getting on Nikon ,  must be nearly at your huge 1 month milestone?

  • hi Roisin, sorry for the late reply but i have been here listening and reading everybody's comments. 

    I've been waiting for my big one month and YES now its one month and 1 day :) i now feel qualified to give advice and help to all of you starting out on a wonderful new healthy incredibly happy smoke free futures.

    i really really cannot express how much happier and different my life is and its only been a month without smoking anything (COLD TURKEY). Please please if you have passed the 3 day mark you are over the worst the rest is just Psychology from now on everyday,every hour,every minute, and every second that passes without smoking gets easier and easier. To be honest if your mind set is not 110% on your quit you will be making your quit a little harder, look my quit wasn't hard at all because my mind set was correct and yes this has taken me a while to put into order but when you succeed with your mind you mission will be accomplished so much easier. GOOD LOOK MY FELLOW QUITTERS if i can give you any advice to help your quit that would be SORT OUR YOUR MIND SET. 

    Lets all succeed together :) Good luck and lets all kick the @$#% out of that dirty horrible little nico monster.

  • Excellent post Nikon and really believe that mindset is key in our quits, plus educating ourselves in what is happening when we quit.

    Huge congratulations on reaching your first big milestone of 1 month, that is great, keep up your great work!

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