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No Smoking Day
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Hello everyone

Hello everyone hope everyone is feeling good today, I haven't posted on here for a while! Today is my 12th day smoke free !! And I'm starting to feel so much better already not as tired in the mornings, anyway the reason for my post today is to tell u all I was out at the weekend there with friends a lot of my friends are smokers after a few drinks I went outside to talk to one of my friends who is a smoker and she offered me a cigarette I accepted and took it out of her hand then something came over me rather than light the cigarette and have a puff I held it in between my fingers for a few seconds then gave it back to my friend and said thanks but I no longer smoke and stood there no problem having a conversation while my friend smoked away !!!!!!!!!!

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Well done on your resolve not to smoke the cig offered to you, that's quite an achievement


Thanks very much was not easy but I was so glad when I woke up on Sunday morning that I didn't have a smoke, I never woke up feeling like crap which I normally would do if I was drinking and smoking, also i have noticed the past couple of days I am not coughing as much thank god !!!!!

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Huge congratulations on Day 12 Jessica, that is great!

But so well done on not lighting that smoke, that is some achievement and you should be extremely proud of yourself. Keep going, you are doing brillant!


That's brilliant, in my book, of like little facts, I'm sure it says have a little treat, you deserve it. A mighty achievement. Truly fantastic.

Well done you, look forwards to your future posts


Thanks everyone might have to have a look online tonight to treat myself to something nice πŸ˜€ X


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