Putting pen to paper

You see we all have our reasons to quit, I soooo believe that if tobacco was introduced to day, it would be BAND, addiction to this substance is in some ways so hard to brake. And in the other hand soooo many people , manage to quit, and stay quit.

I guess I,m saying we all struggle with something, soooooooo for me at least the forum is a amazing place.

Sorry for rambling but the corner shop still open errrrrrrr

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  • Me again.

    So glad your still here.i wish I could close the shop and take away that devel sat on your shoulders.flick him off.

    He's so not worth it.

    They say smoking is harder than cannabis?or is it cocaine to stop.

    Not sure.but were gonna win

    Take care


    Take care

    Keep kicking

  • You are one wonderful person, thankyou

    Your a true wonder thanks

  • Hi Lizzy yes....But the tobacco introduced to our forefathers was pure and straight from the earth.... This S@%T the tobacco companies are selling today is so full of chemicals to addict us even more (Tobacco is coocked in Sodium Chloride ????)...and thus the difficulty to quit...The Nicotine and chemicals is the killing combination.....Luckily some governments recognized this and strict legislation is coming...

  • Hey Tracey, how are you today after last night and that dreaded corner shop, hope you are ok and doing better?

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