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No Smoking Day
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bring back the old forum site this one is utter crap in comparison theres no organisation what so ever ive stayed away from here and after this post will be staying away again the old forum was helpful informative easy to find things and had a much better feel

why fix something that wasnt broken and in the process you have shattered it

well done u have managed to drive ppl away


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Ouch...you are really upsidedown and crucifiing this forum....I also find it very difficult but let us give it a fair deal....

Good for you to open up your feelings....


I remember the old forum from way back, but the new one for me at least has lovely helpful people on, i,m useless with anything tablet wise, but I just have to keep pushing on.

It's sad you feel that way, but I,m sure higher people are monitoring what we feel

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Yes I agree.

And would ask is this the place for you

Are you a smoker.have you stoped.

Do you feel you opinions help anyone.

If you are tryin.you have come to a good place.

I'm sure you will be posting again.hopefully positive reading.

Take care


I use to go on the old site a couple of years ago, my last lapse. I spent ages trying to find it and then it popped up on healthunlocked.com.

I also go on another site called Quit smoking. You can find it browsing communities.

I find both communities extremely helpful on my quit.

4 weeks tomorrow



hello all

yes i am a non smoker

yes i found the old forum helpful with lots of helpful ppl there

no im not taking the filthy habit back up anytime soon (ok never)

dont like this new site at all and feel it will keep many of the wise old timers from popping back in for regular reports/posts

good luck to all on ur quits it can be done it does get easier even though it doesnt feel like it now one day you will have trouble imagining life with ciggies rather than without

original post was just my 20 cents/pence worth


Four years, three months, one day, 4 hours, 49 minutes and 55 seconds.

93192 cigarettes not smoked, saving $53,119.46.

Life saved: 46 weeks, 1 day, 14 hours, 0 minutes.


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