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I think this one gives a good summary of a lot of the advice given on this forum. Maybe a good one to view if you're thinking of quitting or just starting out.

Hope it's of some use. If nothing else you have to admit that the bloke is a pretty good cartoonist!

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  • Morning Nozmo, will have a look at this and the cravings one when I get home from work this evening...

  • Cheers Roisin. I think it would be 12 minutes of decent advice for anybody starting out on their first quit. See what you think....

  • Hey Nozmo, just watched both there and above one is excellent and had my full attention for the whole 12 minutes, he has a great effective way of communicating and getting his message across, the other one, unfortunately lost me in the first minute or so, didn't like his method at all but what I did catch made sense..definitely both worth a look...thanks for sharing and hope people browsing here have a look!

  • Yeah, this one is my favourite too. The bloke is a good communicator.

    Don't you have something you should be telling us about today? 😀

    Better get back to work...having a sly break...ssshhh.

  • Has to be done Nozmo, better than going out for a sly fag break!!

    Just off to get ready now to celebrate being Irish on this St Patricks Day, will raise a few pints of Guinness to you all and wish anyone else celebrating it a very Happy smoke free St Patricks Day!

    Can't seem to upload it here for some reason, recommend watching one of the best Irish songs - Whiskey in the Jar (Dubliners version, sorry Thin Lizzy!)

  • Ah, I know that one Roisin! I love the Thin Lizzy version but the Dubliners one certainly has something....and I can't stand the Metallica version!!

  • Love the song but do prefer the dubliners version, yeah metallica's is brutal alright, but if you want to hear some serious heavy tunes recommend Metallica S&M, jesus, it is amazing, even if not a fan of their music.....

  • I'll give it a play later on YouTube. Enjoyed reading you and Lizzy reminiscing about bands the other day. Took me back to being a spotty youth, watching the likes of Black Sabbath, Whitesnake and Def Leppard at Newcastle City Hall.

  • Nozmo, can't believe you mentioned Def Leppard as it is such a real heart string band for me at the moment - my neighbour who was a die hard fan died just over a year ago. He got me into rock playing on vinyl "Pour some sugar...", my first rock song I ever heard at the age of 13! They played in Ireland at the end of last year but didn't know about it unfortunately, off now to listen to few tunes of them now on youtube!

  • Been listening to Metallica S&M. God almighty! I didn't know anything about this and would never have put Metallica with an orchestra. I wouldn't have liked to have been working the mixing desk that night. The sound guy mustn't have known if was coming or going...but he did a great job! Thanks for pointing it out.

    That Def Leppard gig I saw was weird - hardly anybody there but I was still headbanging in front of the stage. Not long after it they were playing huge stadiums. Happy days!

  • Yeah its amazing alright that album...

    Great to see Def Leppard still going strong!

  • That was very interesting to listen to. Thanks for sharing 👍

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