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I picked 13th of March

I picked the 13th of March to stop smoking then I saw this no smoking day on March 9th😐😠😕. Though I'm going to still stick to March 13th.

I've smoked on and off for 33 years. I've tried the vape lately..but I just see pouring more money and time into that! I also want to be nicotine free..blood pressure dangerously high.

I always quit when I was pregnant and during breastfeeding..that was Not so

I've enjoyed reading everyone's post..I hope to get inspiration from y'all.

I see a lot of people from the UK? Well I live in the USA😍. I'll be looking forward to Y'alls posts !!

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Hi Nikki and welcome to the forum. We have quite a mix of nationalities (UK, Ireland, South Africa, USA) so you shouldn't feel out of place, although you might hear a few complaints about the weather 😀 Good luck for the 13th!


Welcome Nikki, I am from Ireland, wishing you strength and success for the 13th, looking forward to seeing you in Day 1!

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Wishing you strength and success for tomorrow Nikki, you can do this!


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